My name is Uriël Matahelumual, an ambitious filmmaker from Rotterdam. I work with large corporate clients like Apple and love sharing my experience as part of the film education team of the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam.

The projects I am most passionate about are the ones that have a clear connection with society, technology and sustainability, be it a vegan sneaker or teaching children of asylum seekers the basics of film making.

''As a director it is important to create a safe environment, to inspire the people you work with and tell an honest story.''

I am always open for new conversations. Hit me up, let's grab a digital cup of coffee and tell me your story. 🔥🎥




Last year I asked Uriël with his company Fisuals to make a video about the development of our first vegan sneaker: Future. That inspiring collaboration left a taste for more. This year Fisuals made an intimate portrait of a personal conversation I had with Romana Vrede. It's great how Uriël managed to distil the essence from half a day of film material! Both in image and content. Uriël is a serious, hard worker who is completely immersed in a subject. He prepares well, shows clear examples and communicates everything perfectly. His style, on the other hand, is playful, young and full of humor. I was also always impressed by his creative network for music, camera work, photography, etc. All nice guys to work with!

Joline Jolink


Westplein 12 

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